Disconnect while transferring files from Windows 7 to WDTV Live Hub

To put it short, when transferring files to the WDTV live, somewhat randomly, the transfers will sometimes stop and I have to completely restart them and hope they finish the second time. This generally only happens with large files that take a long time to transfer, when it does happen, I have the option to try to continue the transfer, yet even though I make sure I can connect to the WDTV as a network drive, the transfer refuses to continue and gives me the option to try again. In short I have to cancel the transfer and start over. Other then that I have not been able to pin down much more related to the issue. My PC is wired to the modem/router (it is a motorola SBG6580) and the WDTV Hub is on wireless through a Netgear extender (the extender connects to my router, and the WDTV connects through a hard line to the extender). Not an optimal setup, but the WDTV doesn’t support wireless on its own and I do not want a hard line running from my office to my living room. My computer is Windows 7 Professional SP1. Any known solutions or potential known incompatibilities? It’s really annoying trying to transfer a 10 gig file at 2 MB/s, having it fail, then having to try it again.

I think that this issue might be related to the extender, just as a test, try to connect the WD TV Live Hub directly, without the extender, just to see if the situation persist.

I would have to afree that it is something to do with the wireless.

I think I may have a problem of a similar nature.

Currently the setup I have is all wireless. I have my laptop connected to a netcom ‘g’ router and the wd live connected to the router via a 150Mbps wireless adaptor. 

The connection is always stable until I try to transfer a file over wifi, then the router resets itself and I lose the connection obviously.

The solution I have is plugging the laptop into the router via ethernet and leaving the wd live connected via wifi.

I am guessing this problem is something to do with the wireless network, but I wouldnt have any idea how to fix this. 

Would love anyone with some knowledge about this to throw out some ideas.