Disc from WDMy Cloud in EX2Ultra

My WD My Cloud died (blue led blinking) and I bought EX2Ultra. My question is what happened if I put disc from My Cloud to EX2, will my data from My Cloud be visible in EX2 or disc will be formated with no warning?
Thanks for answser.

I don’t know for sure; but I suspect formatted with warning. :wink:

If you go to the mycloud sub-forum; you will find ways to pull data off of the drive if you attach it to another computer either with a SATA cable or using an external USB enclosure.

I believe the drive is formatted for LINUX, and it is a fairly straight forward procedure using either a WIN or MAC PC. I would do this PRIOR to putting the drive into the EX2 (even if someone thinks you can port the drive over)

Thank for answser.
I know what happened. Disc was recognizd as disc from another Mycloud device and won’t be formated. All my shares, files and catalogs be on place :blush:.