Disapointed. Tried two WD 3TB My Book Externals...None worked

Just spent two hours trying to get this product to work and another hour standing in line returning this product. Bought a 3TB My Book external this afternoon, tried to hook it up to two of my computers via USB, nada. Have an HP AMD quad core with 8 GB of ram, W7 and another in the living room, same config. It never spun up. Had power but nothing. Took it back, got another, same problem. Went ahead and bought a Toshiba 3TB and was up and running in less than  2 minutes.  Have an old 250 GB WD from 2005 that still runs perfect. What happened?

Think of it this way, at least it died on you when you just started using it.

Imagine you have been using it for years with 3TB of data and it just decided to died on you.

I will never buy a WD product again. EVER!

That’s true. Would have been different had I had  some strange OS or home made computer and lived in bum fudge Egypt. Both computers are straight from the store. Lol…reminds me of trying to get things to work on my old windows 98…from 1999! This one is a failure.  

WD used to be one of the HDD brand that I will look out for when I’m planning to get a HDD but things have changed now.

It has just became one of the brand that I will avoid and I’m spreading words to my friends.

And to my amazement, most of them are a victim of WD HDD failure and they shared with me that even some not-so-famous HDD brands like Toshiba or Buffalo works even better than WD.

I’ve 2 WD HDD that failed on me without any reason so you can’t blame me for turning my back on it.

Well… i understand your concern… im my case i only have sucess stories using WD

Since my first WD in 2007 i only buy WD and that first hard disk of 500gb is still running after almost 7 years with normal use and didnt develop any errors of some kind…
I would trust WD, you had bad luck mate, just that
I biught several wd drives and most if them have 3- 4 years without a problem… even the green line

I havr a wd my book 4 tb and the disk only starts spinning when i connect usb