Disabling Launchpad Autostart on Workstations?

First off, amazing product. Just wanna say…  this beast is amazing.

My question is…     Since I have had to install the software on all our workstations for successful backups, it automatically loads the “Launchpad” application, in addition to the Dashboard. While this is fine - none of my customers using these workstations will ever use them. Again - this is fine. 

The problem I run into is…  My customers are frequently very confused about the Launchpad auto-starting after a reboot. They feel inclined to try to log into it, so I just want to disable it from auto-starting with Windows.  Is this possible, and if so - how do I do it?

If I absolutely need it, I’ll just open it manually.  

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Under the registry folder:


Delete the “Launchpad” key.

I have it done here with Group Policy but you could also make a simple .reg file to delete the key. Group Policy is quick enough to prevent the Launchpad from running even after the reboot from installing the Connector software.

UR3 for storage server was recently released.  You should have gotten it through windows update.  The updated launchpad now has this option under settings