Disable alert for Plex

I want to have alerts turned on to email me, but because I have a Plex Pass I use the newer version of Plex, this means the My Cloud Mirror is constantly alerting me that a newer version is available (someone obviously doesn’t know how to compare version strings is newer than not older ;))

Is there a way to stop it constantly telling me about an update, I can switch alerts down to Critical and Warning but then I don’t get alerts for things like shutdowns

I don’t have an answer for you but a question of my own.

How does Plex run on MCM?

I currently use my PC as a Plex server and it works flawlessly. Almost all of my movies are .mkv which play fine on my Roku on the same network. My brother can also play them fine on his Roku at his house with an occasional pause. Could I really expect the tiny processor in the MCM to handle Plex?

Sadly it definitely won’t work for that, on most NAS devices Plex can
not do transcoding. All my content is already in h264 format and I steam
to an iPad or AppleTV so I have not had any problems