Directory already exists - cannot update with incremental files


happy to get some help/guidance here from the Gurus in the rooms! :slight_smile:

Got WD My Cloud 4Tb connected to the network, everything works fine.

I access content via the PC, via the PS3.All good

The issue is the following.

In short…

When I want to update a folder I get the message “Directory Already Exist”. There’s no update of the incremental files in the folder.

In a bit more details

I have all my pictures in my PC, in a folder called “pictures” (clever me)

I drag/drop the folder “pictures” from my computer to My Cloud. Everyting is copied… all good

Then I come back a week after. In the meatime I added couple of new pictures in the folder.

I redo the same process, i.e., drag/drop the folder from my computer to My Cloud. I expect to see a message like “Copy/Replace” but I actually get a message “Directory Already Exist” and the process is stuck…

So how do I ensure I can take a whole folder and get it updated on My Clould?

Of course same issue with videos, music, etc

Anyone knows how to overcome this?

How do you drag and drop? Are you using a Windows mapped network drive, or the WDMyCloud desktop app (not recommended, but necessary when remote accessing the NAS).

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I use the WD my cloud app…

Would you recommend I map the drive instead and then it would solve it all?

Oh yeah. Only use the WdMyCloud to do big file transfers across shares/USB on the cloud (because the data doesn’t round trip to the PC with this app). But for day to day use from PC, definitely map the shares as network drives.

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