Direct hook up to PC won't map. Says bad IP

I was getting only 3 MB on transfer through my router so I’d like to try direct to PC and see what speed I get. I see Mybooklive under network/storage but don’t know what to do. I right clicked computer map netwok drive but  I get- Can’t access //MyBookLive. I clicked diagnose and I get:  error message- Local Area invalid IP config… Not Fixed  X 

Help please!! 

If you direct connect the MyBook Live to your PC I believe you need a crossed over network cable and the MyBook Live to have a static IP as well as your PC having a static IP address on the same sub-net.

The normal connection is that there is a router between your computer and MyBook Live and the router sells your PC and MyBook Live what IP addresses they are to use.

There are a few issues what can affect data throughput.  Maybe the router’s processor can’t cope?  Copying over a lot of small files will have a performance impact as the MyBook Live and PC have a lot of house-keeping to do between files being copied.

Now, if you have large files then there is a lot more simple copying of data more of the time and then the file-system updates and stuff in-between.

Are you sure I need a special cable? I can access dashboard when connecting direct to PC but that’s all. How do I setup static IP for mybook?

Okay I changed my PC to static IP went into dashboard and put the ip address of mybook as same as pc with last digit being one # higher and used same subnet mask. Left gateway and dns server blank. Applied changes to my book but now I can’t access mybook through web browser anymore after putting in the new mybook ip address in the browser

Well i finally tried putting in the cd. Should have tried that first! It was able to discover mybooklive and now i’ts working direct hook-up to PC. Unfortunantly I’m getting the same speeds as was over network. 3MB moving to mybook/ 10 MB ps moving from mybook. Doing full factory restore now

Good. I waited for you to try the CD.  LOL  :smiley:

Could it be the configuration of your laptop?  How fast is your laptop’s network port?  Is it a lot of small files or large files? Have you got any processes on your laptop what examine your files before they leave your laptop?  etc…

Acer aspire 1410 laptop. Don’t know speed. I seem to recall getting at least usb 2 speed over ethernet network in the past. 30 MB ps. I tried many differnt movie transferes. Each time just one movie at a time.  Each time just 11 MB ps. I brought mybook to my moms and over her network with her PC I was also only getting 10 MB ps. Her PC is old E- machine Pentium 4. One of the first PC’s with sata hard drive ports.

What speed is the network card on your computer? What type of cable are you using?

The speeds you are seeing are correct for a 100mbps setup. Network speeds are rated in Mega Bits Per Second, but in the OS speeds are rated in Mega Bytes Per Second. There are 8 Bits in a Byte, then add some error correction overhead and your throughput will be about 10-12.