Direct Downloads to Hub

Did Anyone try downloading content to hub internal drive directly using any download tools  ? Was it successfull ?

What do you mean by download directly? You mean from the internet?

I am also curious if you can set your torrent program to download the programs to the Hub that is wirelessly networked to your PC?

Like right now i download all my movies to my computers hard drive, in my downloads folder, then when they complete, i have it set to move them into a ‘completed’ folder.

Would i be able to set the path for current downloads to the HUB’s hard drive (note that it is not directly connected to my PC, but i can drag/drop files onto it wirelessly) ? and they download to a wirelessly connected drive? or is this just not possible?

and if it is not possible, could i make them download to my PC’s hard drive, then when they complete-- set utorrent to move ‘completed’ files onto the HUB’s drive? would this be possible? and if so, how would it go about the transfer?

If you map the Hub’s drive to a letter, you should be able to download directly to it. As for the streaming media programs that come with the Hub (Netflix, Pandora, etc.), those will not allow for dowloading of content, only streaming.

Yes directly from intervent via a downloading tool like jdownloader. I tried doing it for around 10 files and all of them failed with data corruption (CRC check error) . The way i did was i pointed the downloads directly right to hub by providing the downloader with Hub’s IP & a folder i created inside the internal harddrive.

I downloaded files from the usenet to my computer which is connected wireless to the router. A lot of files I received were corrupt. (luckily for RAR/PAR). I had to repair every file.

After I bought a NAS which is connected via UTP, I no longer receive corrupted files.

So, it might be your wireless connection. (Imagine, all those terabyes of movies etc, travelling from overseas to your home and in the last 5 meter they get corrupted :smiley:)