Direct connection


My MBL is currently drive me crazy. I have restarted it many times but it stucked with yellow LED. On my router side, the LED is up means there is physical connection attached but when I browse thru router page, there is no assigned IP for my MBL ( Have tried with 2 routers, same problem). 

Can somebody please tell me the how to/setting for direct connection (Laptop to MBL), have tried but it seems there is no established connection between these 2 devices (No received data from MBL on LAN port status)

Thanks in advance


Laptop to MBL without a router and DHCP in the middle, you’re going to have to set  static IP’s on the ethernet interface of the laptop AND the ethernet interface of the MBL.   

Since you’re looking to direct connect between the two there’s no device in between that’s providing IP addresses, hence the need to assign static ones. 

Can you explain how to do this direct connection better? I would like to use it just like an external hard drive.