DIR-625 WD DNS Server Issues


So it seems I have just joined everyone else in owning a WD TV Live that has network issues!

I have a WD TV Live, with the most recent (3/3/10) firmware, with a DWA125 connected to it for wireless internet. I am using a Dlink DIR-625 router for all of my internet. I connect the WD to my wireless router and it is hit or miss whether the WD can program IP automatically… When it does get the IP, I will go directly to Check Connection things all check as good. I go check You Tube, and nothing works… Ill go back to Check Connections and DNS Server comes back with “Incorrect IP”. At this point, my wireless router freezes up, taking out internet to all things connected, and no control to the routers interface.

Now I dont know if anyone has a solution, or tips to try, but I am open for anything that might help me!

Thanks All!


PS I do have a pandigital picture frame that does kind of the same thing… The frame connects to the router, however wont connect to Picasa with a “Connection Failure”…


Actually, the most recent firmware is yesterday, so you might want to try a firmware upgrade and see if it solves any of your problems (make sure you factory reset and pull the power cord out afterwards, as with any WDLive firmware update).


I recently switched from my Dlink wireless router to my Linksys wireless router and everything works great! I noticed that with the Dlink it used the gateway/DNS that the Dlink created “”. The linksys uses the my interenet provider’s gateway and DNS…

I am trying to figure out a way to cancel or disable what ever it is on the Dlink that is different to allow it to work witht he WD…

Eitherway, I noticed the Dlink wireless/routers have blockage, as the Linksys linked right up! :slight_smile: SO that was my solution…


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