Digital signed driver required


I recently bought the ‘My Cloud Home 4TB’ and I am having trouble accesing the desktop folder from my laptop. I can access the folder from another pc, but for some reason it won’t work on this one. After downloading the Discovery software, I got 2 messages from windows: “The installation of a not digital signed driver is blocked. Uninstall the program or device and install an dignital signed version from the website” (translated from Dutch). But I can not find an updated or signed version on the website. I got this message for the “Western Digital VFS Driver” and for the “Virtual PnP Bus Driver”. So the Discovery software can be downloaded, but when I click on my drive, nothing happens (normally I should be redirected to my Z-drive, where I can acces my folder).

Weird thing is: It already worked once on this laptop, but suddenly he did not find the Z-drive anymore.

I hope someone can help me!



The issue is resolved :slight_smile: