Digital Movies and TV


I don’t have the first idea about playing digital movies on the TV and hope someone can help.

My television is a Sony 3D and I have a Sony 3D blu-ray player and sound system. These are connected by both wireless and wire to the network. Computers are Win7 64-bit.  We have a Western Digital 2TB USB 3.0 My Book Essential.

Over the last year or so we have collected quite a lot of blu-ray movies, many come with digital copies. I understand that you would need to rip and decode the movies if required to play on computer or TV but don’t know what is expected of the Digital copies. 

It was my intention to load the digital movies onto the WD My Book, plug that into the TV or Blu-Ray USB port and have the movies available on demand. It isnt necessary to pass them across the LAN unless that is integral to their appropriate use.

I dont know how to copy these digital movies to the MyBook in the first place. The two I have tried refused to do that as complete copies but perhaps there are components you copy.

The next step will be how to make them run, do they go directly into the TV, via the Blu-Ray player or what and do they need codes put in each time or is there a way of circumventing that.

Once they can be got going the other thought is …Are they is their image and sound as good as Blu-Ray? 

Thanks for any straightening out you can apply

Everything you’re asking is more specific to the TV or BD player you use.   The WD My Book Essential is just a hard drive.

You’ll need to research the TV and/or BD player specifications to determine:

   - What type of drive formats are supported (NTFS / FAT32 / etc. )

   - What codecs for Audio and Video are supported (AVC, h.264, MP2, etc.)

   - What CONTAINERS for files are supported (MKV, VOB, MP4, AVI, etc.)

You will need to use programs such as AnyDVD HD or DVDFab to copy native DVD and Bluray from the source media to your hard drive, since all of those media are ENCRYPTED and COPY PROTECTED.

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I had realised the MyBook would be a HDD to the Player or TV but was not clear on whether the digital copies with movies couldn’t just be used directly. Clearly then I would have to rip the movies for storage.

(The digital copies must be just for computers then.)

As the formats and codecs required are clear enough I only have to knwo what the best containers are out of those supported and get hold of the applications you mention.

I am interested to know whether the digital version is degraded at all in sound or visual quality also whether it is acceptable to rip those to the HDD. I assume that it isn’t considered acceptable that we secure the material bought on BluRay (or DVD)  by holding it on HDD. 

Thanks  again.