Digital Connections


Just bought a WD TV Media Player. There’s an HDMI and optical socket on the back of the player. I intend to route the player through a home cinema receiver then into a LCD tv. Will the HDMI carry both sound and picture down the cable and will the sound be digital or will i have to also use optical cable for the audio side ? Sorry if it seems like a dense question to ask.

HDMI is all you need.  Make sure you set the option to “Digital” audio. 

As Tony said, all you need is the HDMI cable to your LCD. If your receiver handles HDMI then plug the Live to the receiver and plug the receiver to the LCD. On the receiver, you’ll need to set it to digital. The only time you’ll need an optical connection is when your TV does not support HDMI, in which case you’ll have to route the sound separate from the video.

Not necessarily…   My receiver is HDMI.   My TV does not need to be HDMI; it could be component from my receiver to the TV…

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Yes! This can be done as well! Good thinking.

Many thanks to everyone who replied ,it’s the answer i wanted to hear.

Then, please, mark which one solved it for you.