Difficulty accessing outside of home network


First off, I have checked and as much as there’s some information on my query, I am not as an advanced user as other people appear to be and am hoping that someone might be able to help me.

I purchased a WDmycloud on the weekend and am having problems accessing my shares outside of my home network.

Explorer 11 - I’ve tried accessing my shares using web access but after logging on and clicking to view shares, the screen is just blank. Nothing at all. I’m trying to access this through my work PC and usually if it doesn’t like something, I get a really ugly access denied screen.

New network - I’ve tried setting up a network place in Windows Explorer but I don’t know what I need to use as the address to set this up.

Can anyone please offer any advice on how I can access my device from work?

If you are using a work computer I suggest you contact your IT department. You may be blocked out from using it for this. Does your work computer have JAVA?

Look at the User Manual>Accessing Your Cloud Remotely.


Are you wanting to set up a home network? How many computers/devices do you have? Are you using Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8? Is your My Cloud and all devices in the same Work Group? See image below for My Cloud Work Group.

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cat0w (USA)


I’m not in the same network at all. In a completely different town! I’m trying to access using Explorer 11 and nothing is coming up at all when I click to enter the share.

No error message, no loading icons, nothing.

Is it not possible to add it as a network place on my PC at work?