Differents between gen 1. and gen 2

Anybody knows what’s the main difference between WDPlay gen. 1 and 2 ? I mean hardware difference…

I just recieved (after service) brand new disk and hope to have gen.2, but recieve gen.1 with factory default 1.01.12, and seems this one works little faster then my old gen.1 with 1.01.10

I would like to know that.


The article is about WD TV ***NOT*** WD Elements PLAY.

WD has TWO versions of WD ELEMENTS PLAY (you can spot them from the FRONT panel logos), but, what about the technical differences??

My Apologies,

Some technical talk here.


Again, a discussion of WD TV ***NOT*** ELEMENTS Play !!!

Ok, i will shut up now. :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon… nobody knows ?

I’ve found another small difference. When disk reset to factory settings - it goes to res. 576i (my old was reseting to 480i)

So my new Gen.1 plays one .mkv properly, which was a trouble (sound) for old.

gen.1 with factory default 1.01.12 couldn’t find anywhere… just the 1.01.10. But that is way old. I am having also the 1st gen. Does anyone know, can I install 2nd gen firmware onto it?

i cant… i tried change the name of the firmware cabin.img even that!..

That’s not a really good news. Anyways, thanks for replying.

WD has done it again!!! Support for Gen1 was dropped right after the first firmware upgrade. What will happen to Gen2??

WD Elements Play
Multimedia Player
Gen 2
Firmware Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the latest posting of firmware
for the WD Elements Play Multimedia Drive Gen 2.
These release notes provide information on the following:
• Version 1.00.10
• Version 1.00.09 – Initial Release
• Firmware Installation Procedure


That’s the WDTV, not the EP…