Different sharings on different devices

Hello Community.

I have the following problem, where I just can not get on.

I have a Mycloud Mirror Gen2, 2 WDTV Live and a network enabled TV.
In order to stream movies from the cloud, you have to make their locations public, or activate the media serving, so that they are visible on the players. Everything okay and no problem.

Now I want to redesign the whole thing, because not all films are suitable for each of my kids.
So I want to release movies up to 6 years on the WDTV Live 1;
Films up to 10 years (including those up to 6 years) on the WDTV Live 2;
and the movies to 16 years (including the other previous) unlock on the TV.
How can I get that? Creating users and their device pairing does not work. Neither the TV nor the 2 WDTV Live devices have a function where you can enter the generated device key to pair these devices with the users to restrict access via the user shares.

Someone an idea? (I hope I wrote it halfway understandable, i´m german :slight_smile: )

It can be done, if you create shares for each movie category.