Different setting between iphone and Android

Hi people! I would like automatically upload photos from smartphone to myCloud mirror.
With Android system, I can do it (see attached file) but on iPhone this setup is unavailable. I can upload images only manually. It is possible? Many thanks!


Currently, that option is not available on the Iphone.

As a recommendation, you can share this through the ideas board

Link to the ideas:


Hallo and thanks for the reply.

Sorry but I can not wait for a solution. I read your link and I found that the same problem has already been reported.

. I was very disappointed to see that the most basic communication possibilities can not be execute.

I think to put it back on sale and look for something else… Thanks again

For auto uploads of photos and videos from my iphone and ipad I use Pogoplug’s app.  Look into Pogoplug – either their virtual cloud or their personal cloud using a hard disk and their affordable hardware.