Different backup plans impossible?

WD Smart Ware (?). I wish to backup different sets of folders regularly i.e. set A on days X,Y,Z and set B on days V and W. As far as I understand the WD software works with ONE plan only . If so the SW is obviously worthless. I also wish set A to use sources from different partitions (C:, F: etc) which I see no way to accomplish. That the user manual does not state compatibility with W10 indicates that the SW is not maintained. Have I misunderstodd the functionality?

See the following, Supported Operating Systems, under WD SmartWare using this link,

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OK. But what about the first two Q:s?

Unless someone else knows something I don’t you figured those out yourself. Reading the user manual you choose what drive you want to back up and what files, dates and times. If you want to do others on another day then you have to do that.

I have mine set to back up my C drive on Monday and Friday mornings, Category backup of everything except mail. This is my automatic SmartWare backup. For my other share anything I want on it I have to back up myself using SmartWare.

You can make a suggestion for what you would like for it to do in Cloud Ideas.