Hi guys!

I want to buy a WD TV Live HD Media Player and I found some factory refurbished on ebay. But they are all North America products (WDBAAN0000NBK-NESN) and since I am from Europe (Austria) I’m wondering if these will work here as well (Europe: WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN).

I guess one difference is the power plug. But is it just the plug, or is the whole product incompatible to the power requirements of Europe/Austria (230V, 50Hz)

Another difference could be NTSC vs. PAL - what about that?

I tried to search for answers for myself, but I’ve found only one thread here regarding the differences of these two models. About NTSC/PAL it says something about default - does that mean I can choose in a menu?

Any other differences?

Thank you!


In therory they should be the same. The power supply is multi-voltage (100 to 240V) and 50 / 60Hz. The TV standard can be changed from NTSC to PAL via an internal menu or by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds.

The power supply may come with a USA plug but that just means getting an adaptor. You may be lucky and get a power supply with clip on adaptors.

As far as I know, the only differences are:

  • The Plug (as you’ve already noted)
  • The WDBAAP versions come with PAL-format enabled instead of NTSC, but that can be changed via the RESET button (hold the reset button more than 10 seconds and it will switch)
  • It may affect which online SERVICES are available to the unit, such as having services displayed that are North America or US Only.

So, in other words, I see no reason why you couldn’t use either model as long as you have a compatible adapter for your region.

Hopefully a WD engineer will step in and correct me if I’m wrong.  :)

The Live+ and LiveHUB have much more substantial differences (the chipsets are different for one thing)

Ok, that’s what I wanted to know, thanks to both of you! :slight_smile: