Differences between the WD TV Live, the WD TV Live Plus, and the WD TV Live Streaming

OK. Maybe I’m just dense but what are the differences between the WD TV Live, the WD TV Live Plus, and the WD TV Live Streaming?

This link on the WD support page hasn’t been updated since 10/24/11 and this link on the products page isn’t really clear either.

The media players page here only lists the WD TV Live and WD TV Live hub.

I do get the differences between those two. :slight_smile:

The Live and Live Plus are still for sale on Amazon.

As I can see it, the WD TV Live is the latest streaming product that includes all the features of the WD TV Live Plus, and the WD TV Live Streaming.

Am I wrong?


The reason only the SMP (WDTVLive Streaming Media Player) & the HUB are the only one’s listed is because the Live and Plus have been discontinued.

The differences between the Live & Plus and the SMP (the Plus being the closest to the SMP) are that the SMP has:

Built in WiFi

Different UI

Better chipset (processor)

More Internet Streaming Services

Capable of using custom themes

Still fully supported

etc., etc.

The Live and Plus’ that you find on Amazon are most likely units that someone has left in stock and your going to end up paying as much or more for what is now a discontinued device.  I think the Plus is going for about $169 or so (which is about the same price as the HUB) on Amazon, you can pick up a SMP at Best Buy for about $90.

And the HUB and SMP are basically the same, other than the SMP has built in WiFi and slightly better processor and the HUB has a 1TB HDD and Twonky.

Agree, an (old-style) Live or Live Plus new for sale today is aimed at the “unsuspecting” buyer in most cases.  If you are in market for a new unit, the Live Streaming (aka SMP) or Live Hub are your total choices.

There ARE cases where people actually want an older unit.  Maybe they find a “cherry” used one for much less.  I did, when I wanted to add another Live Plus for a second TV.  Even if an SMP is under $100 at Best Buy or mail order, a nice Live Plus with all parts included can be found for about half.  Since I knew what I was looking for (including ALL the parts,) I found a nice Plus at eBay a few months back for lots less than a new SMP. but ya gotta know why you are buying a Live Plus today.

Yeah, that kinda what I thought.

I’ve been using my PS3 to stream from my NAS and I think the SMP is the solution I need. :slight_smile: