Diference between Live and Live Plus

Are there any differences between the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus?  Is one better than the other?  I have been trying my son’s Live Plus and need to buy my own unit, but having a hard time finding the Live Plus unit?

Which should I buy?

The basic difference between the original live and live plus was Netflix which is only available on the plus. However there is a ‘new’ generation 3 Live Streaming player which has Netflix and much more. The old live / plus is basically obsolete so if you want a WD player you should really only look at the WD Live Streaming.

Thanks that’s exactly the information I needed.

And, stay away from the new, bottom of the line player called TV Play.  If you want a Live Plus, the Live Streaming is the direct replacement model.  The TV Play is way below the capabilities of either the Live Plus or Streaming players. (and why it is at the bottom of the product line).