Did anyone update to OS X Maverick?

Did anyone upgrade to OS X Maverick?? Does wireless see forlders and can watch movies?

My iMac is pretty much stuck on 10.6.8 because this is the last version that i was able to make work with WD TV LIVE. I know apple did not support some protocol for newer version, but before I decide to upgrade can anyone verify if it was fixed or still is not supported.

Apple said thye should switch from AFP to SMB2 on Mavericks, but I don’t know if the SMP supports SMB2. I don’t think so.

OSX Mavericks doesn’t support SMB1, which is what WD TV Live supports. As an alternative, you can set up NFS on OSX or get an DLNA/UPnP-Server.

Hi what does that mean?

Upgraded to mavericks and all I get when transfering a file over to WDTV is file in use, so it wont transfer across the network.

Wish I hadnt bothered upgrading and stuck with good old Lion.

Anyone know how to fix it.

I don’t have OSX but found this the other day while reading about Maverick:

OS X 10.9 Mavericks Workaround for SMB

Try  http://eduo.info/apps/smbup. Solved the problem for me.