Device using some kind of cache?

I have a weird problem when I try to play a movie.

Let’s say the movie title is “TheMovie”

When I try to play it, the device show only the moving cirle while loading and the movie never start.

I press the back button and I cant play any other movies after trying to play this specific movie.

The only thing I can do is to disconnect the power cable and connect it again and I can play the rest of the movies again.

But everytime I try to play this specific movie “TheMovie” the device fails again.

This problematic movie is also playing a subtitle not in my usb hard disk.

The subtitle in my hard disk does not have the same name, so, I have no idea why the subtitle is being played.

What I did is to rename “TheMovie” to “OtherMovie” and I dont have a problem playing it with a different name, but, only if the change of the name is done at the start of the name with different letters.

If I change the name to “TheMovie2” the problem persist.

I am using the latest firmware.

So, I wonder if the device has some kind of cache to delete/reset it ?


Your Movie has a Virus !   Just kiddin :smileyvery-happy:

It’s either Corrupted or a Bad Encode… which WILL cause other ‘OK’  Movies not to play after you have tried playing the ‘Dodgy’ One.

Personally i would DELETE it, and grab another version from somewhere else.

I did what you said thinking the same.

The movie is not corrupted.

I have different versions of the same movie and I reencoded one of them trying to find what could be problem.

The movie plays perfectly well, but only if I play it using a different name.

Let’s say that for some reason the wdtv device had a problem with the original name of the movie.

After that, I cant play any movie with the same name because the device crash.

Thats why I think there is some kind of cache somewhere… maybe in the same usb hard disk…, but I need to find it to delete it.