Device usage shows 0 photos, 0 videos, 0 music

How do I fix this?

I know I’ve uploaded photos and video files. At first they were getting counted. But now, they are all just 0 and OTHER category is showing all of the count.

Have you tried a reboot, using the Dashboard go to Settings>Utilities>Reboot.


I haven’t. Let me try that.

Thanks. That worked. So if that ever happens again, restarting is the only known solution?

I would always do that first and then if it does not work try Settings>Media>Rescan.

Thanks. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again hehe. :smile:

Dashboard info went kaput again… :frowning:

Ok, so here’s how to rebuild the capacity info without resetting device.

Settings->General->Cloud Access->Configure

Then on pop up, click Rebuild content database.

Still don’t know why it goes crazy