Device offline

Hi there. Anyone have any advice on this issue? We changed routers and now our device is offline. I’ve done multiple searches but can’t find anything that has helped. I’m not even able to open the dashboard for the device. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like the device is configured for a static IP address that is not inside your local subnet anymore.

Try a 4 second reset. Basically, hold in the tiny button inside the tiny hole on the back of the device while you power it on, and hold it in for 4 seconds.

This will instruct the device to reset to DHCP mode, which asks your local router (or other DHCP server) to give it an address. This is pretty much guaranteed to give it one within your local subnet, and should result in the device being reachable to do the setup process again.

What color are all the LED’s on your My Cloud, front and back? How is it connected to your router? Does it show up on your network? Have you rebooted your new router? How are you trying to connect to it, with your desktop, laptop, cellphone etc.?

You changed from what router model to what router model? Have you tried resetting the device?

The following article may also be relevant if the new router model is one of the ones mentioned:

Thank you for the suggestions! It is now working.