Device Offline in but working fine on locat network

My device is online and functioning well, I am able to access via local network without issues however when I try to reach the same device via it shows it is offline and unreachable. I checked the dashboard and the device is online and connected to the internet. The status shows everything is fine, the ports are automatically configured. Tested the device and it has passed. If I reset the device, I am able to see it and access it in The next day it is offline again in but still working fine on the local network. Any ideas as to what is causing this or suggested resolve? Thank you in advance for your input.

Are you trying to connect through your browser or an app?

The following is for the mobile app, .

This is by browser, .

You may find more answers by searching the Knowledge Base, use link at top of page.

This is happening when using both app and browser. If I use the browser ( or app connected on the local network it works fine. This is only happening when on an entirely different network (remote).