Device forgets HDMI

A problem I have had since buying the WD HD TV is that it keeps forgetting to connect via HDMI - instead every so often (about one time in every three that I use it) it returns back to composite. Its frustrating as I keep having to flick between the sources to reset it to HDMI and then choose 1080. I have the latest firmware and it continues to do this. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a method or option that I’ve missed??

Cheers for your help!

lots have had similar probs as you and most find if you cut 2mm off the black plastic on your hdmi cable (which makes the metal part 2mm longer)(which fits into the wdtv box) it usually cures this prob, please search for similar probs in this forum and you’ll see people have tried it and found it worked (including me)lol.