Does anyone know if WD allow people to develop their own apps for WD My Cloud products? And if so, where can I find the information.  I would like something along the lines of Winamp with WD My Cloud connectivity, in the end the final product will be for Windows and Android, other systems such as iPhone, Mac and Linux will have to be done by other people as I don’t have the resources to create these apps.

I intend the app to be completely free, and if WD is willing Open Source!

The current software that plays music just doesn’t cut the mustard, its basic to say the last but in its favour at least it doesn’t crash. :smiley:

Many Thanks in advance

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At this moment, this is currently not supported by Western Digital. However, I believe there is an Idea suggesting for similar improvements or development openness.

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Thanks for the reply JStaff.

It would be extremely benficial to the community and to your sales if that would be implemented, as the software you have are good, but very basic. Especially, the music player.

Again, thank you for the reply and look forward to the future developments.