Detailed View showing dates way in the future

Hi all,

When I click on the Detailed View in the backup tab, I’m seeing 3 ciolumns: Name, Size and Date. the Date column shows October 2010. Any idea what this means?

Using Windows 7 and SmartWare

Thanks for any info.


If you are using European/Australian time format (DD/MM/YY) instead of the US format (MM/DD/YY) in Windows, then you may have set the time for the future without realizing it. 

Hi Bill_S,

Thanks for your comments. It does certainly look like hte SmartWare is not reading my system date correctly, which is set correctly of course. I am using European Date format rather than US format.

Is there a fix available for the software for this issue?


Unfortunately, at this point, the date format is the American format mm/dd/yy.  It’s not designed to pickup regional date/time formats.

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So if the date is not displaying properly, and one is not in the USA, how can one be sure that the backup and retrieval information is correct ?

The best way to fix this problem is to return the product and buy from another brand. WDC does not seem to commit enough manpower to fixing software problems. (they admit that they are overwhelmed by issues).

I am just doing my first backup on a new WD drive. It is the 5th March so the date in the Detailed view is showing as the 3rd May because it only ‘speaks’ American. If I do it again tomorrow it will be the 6th March so presume the date will show as the 3rd June. What is going to happen on the 13th March? Also when we get to the 1st April, date is going to show as 4th January - will this copy be considered older or younger than than the 3rd May copy? Please reply soon as I am considering following leafy’s advice and returning product

Within armitageshanks’ posting, there is a link marked “Solved! Go to solution”. When I follow this link it loops back to this topic where I have read all replies and the only reply that closely resembles a solution is “The best way to fix this problem is to return the product and buy from another brand…”.

Sorry, but I don’t consider this to be a satisfactory solution. I am using WD Smatware in the UK and  I’m waiting for a proper solution. Is it possible for the OP or forum administrator to remove this misleading link?

This is the post marked as a solution:


Thank you for your prompt reply WendyM, but I was expecting the “solution” to be a fix – not just a reply telling me (or any other forum member) that the backup date shown in WD Smartware is wrong (unless one is in the USA).

Also … Can you explain how Shanks is using a version of Smartware ( that doesn’t seem to be available? I updated my version to and now when I click ‘update software …’ a message appears saying ‘no update available’!

Please confirm the latest version of WD Smartware.

“There are no plans for regional dates” … why not - this is an international product and all other software is capable of recognising it is not being used in the US…

Personally, I don’t think this will pose an issue with the date stamps on the files, since Windows writes those.  However, I have submitted the question to engineering to verify one way or another, and will get back with an answer.

Mine purchased in US and my Windows 7 is US version using US regional setting as mm-dd-yy.  However, the smartware detail view is showing dd-mm-yy.  I have switched the date format to dd-mm-yy in my computer.  Guess what?  It still showing 3-Sep-10 in the detail view!  oh…man… 

Cant Western Digital just use the following

d, dd = day

ddd = day of the week (3 letter)
dddd = day of the week (full)
M, MM = month (number)

MMM = month (3 letters)

MMMM = month (full)

for example in windows I have

Short date: dd/MM/yyyy

Long date: dddd dd MMMM yyyy

so for today its 

Short date: 10/03/2010

Long date:  Wednesday 10 March 2010

if Western digital did not use short dates then no one would have a problem…

Im going to back up my work again on the 13th March 2010 and lets see if it crashes the system… rember there is only 12 months in a year :smiley:

acording to what is happing atm the date should read: -

03 *name* 2010 :smiley:

I’ve checked with engineering about the file datestamp issue, and this is what I was told.  SmartWare does not alter the file datestamp.  If you have an issue with how we are displaying the timestamp, just know that it should not make a difference with the files.

The windows version of Smartware has been updated to release (3/1110) (or is that 11/3/10?)

Even though one of the changes stated is …

  • Localization fixes - This version of WD SmartWare addresses a number of non-English language issues.

It does not address the non-American issues.

The date today is 23rd March 2010, but because there is no 3rd day of the 23rd month, the date column of “Backup – Detailed View” is blank!

Why wasn’t this fixed prior to the release when technical support had already been notified of this issue?