Desktop.ini/thumbs.db not hidden

In every folder I copy over to the mbl I see one or both of the above files even though I set hidden files and folders not to be shown. I can’t see them on my normal HD, just the mbl. Any ideas how to get rid of them? Thanks.

You can’t.   Hidden files are handled much differently on a NAS…  there’s no way to hide a file in such a way that Windows will still be able to access it by the same name.

Most NAS boxes use LINUX as an underlying OS, and files are hidden by preceding their name with a .

such as 


But then Windows won’t see it as the same file.

Thanks. It’s not a big deal but it just looks a bit untidy! Would it cause problems if I deleted those files on the MBL?

Probably not, but they will also be regenerated by Windows when it needs to…