Dell XPS400, 6 TB Black SATA, WDSpeed and horrible WD Support

I would like to know why this WDSPEED utility that allegedly will solve SATA speed autonegotiation issues with older motherboards isn’t just available online with all of the other downloads.

I’m an impasse dealing with WD as apparently google will not deliver an e-mail with attachments from

I have a second case into WD to get me the WDSpeed utility by a means other than e-mail. The case is a few days old and I still have nothing from WD Support on getting me WDSpeed so I can use this drive with my Dell XPS400.

Since this is apparently a common problem, WD should probably include a USB flash drive with WDSpeed on it.

What’s so special about WDSpeed and not having it available for public download?

I’m still at the point where I can send this drive back to Amazon for a full refund. Someone from WD better get back to me with a link or an ftp site to download WDSpeed so I can use this drive as a boot device. If someone knows where I can get WDSpeed somewhere from WD Support since they’re probably not going to provide it to me, I’d be happy to exercise that option.

Hi there,

I have not tried to use this software but, we have passed this along to support, please check your private messages.


My case has been escalated to level 2. This “genius” wants to talk to me on the phone and requested a time that I’m available for that. I replied with the following via e-mail;

The issue is simple. I need a download or ftp site to obtain WDSPEED from. Gmail is blocking your e-mails to me with the WDSpeed attachment. There’s no reason to talk to me over the phone over this issue. It’s easy enough to fix by putting WDSpeed on some cloud computing platform such as Google Drive or Drop Box and I download it from there.

Go to your managers or supervisors and bring the issue that not every customer can receive WDSpeed via e-mail because their e-mail provider is for some reason blocking e-mails with attachments from and Your level 1 support try to e-mail WDSpeed to me twice, it never showed up in my e-mail. I also checked my spam folder. It’s not there.

I have put in for a return label for Amazon for this drive. Either WD gets me WDSpeed by close of business on Monday, November 30, 2015 or the drive is being returned. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get me a copy of the utility mentioned in KB answer 6592 at by a means other than e-mail.

Let’s take a poll here. Have I clearly explained what I need? The WDSpeed utility that’s referenced in KB answer 6592 needs to be provided to me by a means other than e-mail as gmail is blocking those being sent to me.

Also I would like make it clear that I was in the tech support field from 1989 till I was forced into a disability retirement from major spine surgery that did not go well. I can gauge whether or not I need to talk to someone on the phone. Talking to someone on the phone isn’t going to get me the WDSpeed utility any quicker and talking on the phone when I know I can explain the issue clearly and concisely absolutely annoys and infuriates me. I also will probably end up channeling Sam Kinison and tell the level II tech support person what I think of him. I’m use to getting a Cisco 6509 or 7513 chassis with by putting in my former employer’s Cisco service contract number, serial number of the 7513 chassis, an exchange of a couple of email’s with diagnositc information and troubleshooting steps and viola it’s on the tarmac and will show up at my employer’s loading dock for shipping and receiving the next business day. If I need to talk to anyone via tech support or any entity that has a web and e-mail presence on the phone there’s typically a major problem with your tech support or web business.

WD has admitted this is a problem with KB answer 6592. The Dell XPS400 uses an ICH7 chipset. Ok, now it’s WD’s issue to get me the WDSpeed utility before I have to send it back. I still don’t understand why it’s not available for public download and a user has to specifically request it from support as it probably only works with WD drives.

Either WDSpeed solves the issue with a Dell XPS400 so the WD Black 6TB or it doesn’t If it doesn’t then the drive obviously is going back as there is no solution to get it to work with an older system that doesn’t have SATA III ports.