Dell Studio MT435 will not boot up on first try

When I have My Book Essential external hard drive connected to my Dell Studio MT435 (Win 7 / 64 bit) the computer will not boot up on the first attempt.  It will freeze at the Dell logo screen.  I have to power off the computer and restart it.  This is a very consistent behavior.

When I disconnect My Book Essential from my computer by disconnecting the USB, the computer  will boot on the first try every time.  I have checked to see if my drivers are current via the Windows dignostics, and it indicates that I am using the most current drivers. 

Any ideas?

Check the BIOS and make sure it’s not set to boot from USB.


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Thanks for the reply.  If the bios is set to start from USB, would it boot up after I power the computer down and restart it if the external drive is still connected to the USB?  Thats what is happening every time I have to turn my computer on.

Thanks again.  I will try to find out how to check my bios.

If you change the boot order so that USB is after HD it should be take care of the problem. Most USB externals are not bootable so it stops there. I suspect they are probably using USB flash drives to load systems now. It’s fairly a common problem. Changing the boot order should allow normal bootup with the external plugged in.