Deleting files

I am giving my My Book Live to my son in colleg and want to delete all of my files and music on my device. I live in the country and my AT&T wifi is a bit slow.  How do I delete all of my files without having to go into each file and delete each one indiviually.  Tried to delete them “in bulk” and it says I can not delete this file. Also trash has all of the old files in it. How do empty the trash? I have a Macbook Pro running OSX. 

I suggest a “Full Factory Restore”, which can be done via the dashboard. Check the manual for more info.

For trash bin, chances are there are no MBL files, but instead your files deleted from The Mac. Nevertheless, right click on it and empty trash.

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If you wish to erase the whole drive and not have any data inside then i recommend doing a factory restore on the  unit, this will empty the drive and wont have any files left, go to utilities and then you will be able to see the factory restore option. This is if you want to have the drive completely empty. If not then try to do this from a different computer to see f you are able to do the bulk deletion.

hope this helps you out.

This does not help.  The delete “x” at top of screen does not make a file delete and no option to delete when right clicking on it.  Nice scam WD seems to have to prevent people from deleting large video files without resetting and deleting all files - so customer has to then buy another WD drive

Hi skdisel, there shouldn’t be any problems deleting files of any size individually from any of the mapped shares. You only need to explore any of the shares that contain the files and delete the ones you don’t need. 

skdisel wrote:

Nice scam WD seems to have to prevent people from deleting large video files … so customer has to then buy another WD drive

Absolute nonsense.  I think it’s more likely you simply aren’t familiar with the basics of how to manage files on your PC – the MBL works the same way.  

Just select the files had hit DELETE.

Or you could also delete the share (as long as it’s not the PUBLIC share which can’t be removed).