Deleting files from mybook

Hello, I can’t seem to delete individual files or folders from my external drive. It says something like “make sure the disk isn’t full, write-protected and that the file is not in use”. This shouldn’t happen right?


I’ve the same problem, i’ve wrote to WD but without answer

Francio from Italy

I’m going to need some additional information about your drive and the issue. What is the model of the drive that you have? What is your OS? What format/partition do you currently have the drive set to? Also, can you copy and paste to or from the drive? If possible, describe step-by-step what you are doing before you get the error message.

It’s a MyBook Essential 1,5TB. The problem is that I can’t delete anything from it, folders, files etc. I have tried on both XP Home SP3 and Vista Home Premium SP2 but with no luck. Format is NTFS. I also noticed I can’t change ownership or user rights on the drive (it’s locked at read/edit for Everybody but Full rights for SYSTEM), maybe that’s why I can’t delete anything from it? Yes, I can both copy and paste to and from the drive.

If you are seeing that type of permission level you may need to take control of the files on the drive, especially if the data is from another system and has a different set of permissions on it. You may need to check on Microsoft’s site on how to take control of files/folders for your particular OS. Another possibility could be a partition issue. One thing that you can do is copy the data off the drive and do a “write zeros” to it with our Data LifeGuard Diagnostics. Then apply a new partition and format and see how that works. I included a link below.

DLG Diag (Win)

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Edit: I were able to take ownership of some folders. I guess i’ll settle with that, ain’t much else to do. Thank you

I had the same problem.  I think my is working now.  I error-checked using windows.  It found a couple of bad areas, repaired them and it works fine so far.

I hope this helps you because I know what it is like to try and fix something that is not supported well.