Deleting files from my computer?

I just bought My Book Essential and successfully backed up my hard drive.  Now, here is my question-

I want to delete files of my computer hard drive (like 4 years of photos) in hopes that the computer will start running faster.  The photos are on my My Book.  If I delete them off the computer and then do another backup next month will the new backup detect that the files are gone and delete them of the external drive?

In other words - does running an additional backup just add files to the the external drive or does it take off delete files to match what the hard drive looks like now?


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WARNING: Do not think that the your WD Passport, using the WD Sync software, is a backup drive; it is NOT !As per the documentation with this device:"synchronization software is intended to synchronize the data from a computer to the drive (WD Passport) and SHOULD NOT be used as backup software. To use this software properly, we advise that you do not wipe orerase the data from the internal hard drive (computer) and resynchronize, as this will cause the data that WD Sync stored to the Passport to be deleted."This is why you are hearing so many people saying that they are deleting the WD Sync software, reformatting, and using the WC Passport as a true backup drive where you can actually see the files that you are backing up, ratherthan a bunch of unrecognizable sync files that likely don’t have all the files that you thought you “backed up”.

I was looking for this answer too and found the above on an Amazon review.  Appears to be true… Not for backup!  [deleted]

Is this true?  How can I be sure I am BACKING  UP my drive and not synching it?

I have a My Book (not Passport) if that makes a difference.