Deleting current backup & starting anew?

I have numerous files that have been backed up that I no longer need and are just taking up valuable space on my drive. How do I delete or get rid of my current backup file and begin anew?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The best method to start a fresh backup with WD SmartWare while minimizing conflicts, is to uninstall the application from your list of programs, delete the backup folder (SWSTOR), restart your system, then proceeding to install WD SmartWare.

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Thanks for your info. I have the My Book (I think the Passport) and run Win 7. I see lots of links to software Updates but I haven’t found anything referring to a basic software"download" installation. Are these the same thing, or different?

If they’re different, could you point me to the URL for the regulard software installation? Also, I see the Win installer, do I need to download that as well and wha’t the sequence of installing these two downloads?



The Western Digital website hosts the most current version of the application, which allows for a clean installation using a single file.

The download link is available from: