Deleting a file/folder owned by www-data on a 1st Gen 4.xxxx MyCloud


I set up Win 10 FileHistory to save to a share on my NAS: worked fine.

I then (via Win 10) moved where the FileHistory is kept - old one got copied across to the new place & all works fine.

However, the file structure of the old one (now not updated) is still there, wasting disk space, so I wanted to delete it - can’t (permissions) as it’s owned by www-data.

Is there an easy way to delete it without SSH-ing to the NAS device then getting into Linux-y “chmod -r -blah -blah” stuff (I was a Unixer 30 years ago but me and a Unix/Linux command-line scares the bejeezus out of me nowadays - I’d be dangerous…)?



If you turn off File History in Windows 10, can you delete the old folder or file location?

Different behaviour, but…

With FH on, Windows explicitly fails, complaining about permissions etc.

With FH off it goes through all of the mechanics of deletion (i.e. looks like it’s deleting), gets to the end without complaining of anything and “finishes” - great.

Then, when I look, all of what Windows just said it successfully delted is…still there.


ssh root@192.168.x.y. #default password is welc0me

ls -l /Public/Shares/whereYouPutYourFile

rm /Public/Shares/whereYouPutYourFile/fileToBeDeleted

Ta. I vaguely remember how to do it from decades ago…!

If only I could get it to authenticate me for SSH I’d be there!! :slightly_smiling_face: