Deletes are not reflected on backup

I have bought a WD My Passport Ultra. I am backing up local PC (Windows 7) D: drive (data) to this.

It works great. But if I delete something in the D: drive - it does not get deleted from the external drive.

How can I make sure anything deleted in my computer also gets deleted in the external drive.

I am using the “WD Smartware” software - but I do not see any option to achieve my requirement.


You probably want something like a MIRROR instead of a BACKUP. After all, what you’re describing is exactly what a backup is supposed to do – keep files you might accidentally delete so you can restore them.

Thanks Tony for your reply.

Would you be able to tell me if I can do the “Mirror” using the “WD Smartware” software ?

I don’t use it, but I seem to recall there’s a Sync function in there…

Western Digital does have it’s own “WDSync” software but it can only be used with their network drives, not USB drives. You can do a search for 3rd party sync software and find one that will do what you need. WD Smartware and WD Backup are only for backup and not for sync.