Deleted files

The description for the backup plan says that it will restore files that were accidentally deleted.  Recently I removed a file to a location other than my desktop computer.  I went to the view and restore folder and the file was gone.  It appears that if you accidentally delete a file it is also deleted from the backup plan as well.  Am I wrong or am I missing something?  Is that the way it is supposed to operate.  Are you supposed to keep the files backed up on My Book forever on you computer as well?

Well if you backup to My Book then delete from PC you no longer have a backup, you only have one copy. Smartware backs up with it’s own method are you sure the file actually got backed up?



If WD Smartware operates as syncing app, it is somewhat useless IMO. You can use simple Microsoft’s SyncToy utility (32 & 64 bit versions available) for this purpose.

It is more straight forward and you can have a mirror image on another drive.  If you delete/add/rename files in either drive, SyncToy will do the same on other drive as you manually perform syncing procedure.

If you want to recover data once deleted, use Active@Undelete software to recover the files. You may need to run deep scan sometimes. Sooner the better. If you defrag or copy new file/folder on top of the deleted files, complete recovery may be difficult.

Hope this would help if things are bad.

Mabikay – SLK

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Now I’m really confused.  I use WD My Book backup plan to back up certain folders on my PC.  Any changes made to the content of those folders on my PC  are then changed in My Book.  That’s my understanding of how WD works.  However, if I remove the files from within a folder on my PC, it appears they are removed from the folders on My Book as well,  The folder remains on My Book, but it shows 0 files.  With that in mind, it doesn’t appear to me that My Book can be utilized for backup or storage, and I wonder what its purpose is and perhaps I purchased it for nothing. If I am stating the facts improperly, please help.  Am I utilizing My Book incorrectly as far as backup.  If so, could someone tell me what is the proper backup procedure.  I appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you.