Delete iTunes playlists from MBL Shared Folder?

Hi everyone,

I have al my music in a shared folder on my 3TB MBL, but in iTunes, when I click onto the MBL folder and then onto playlists, it lists a whole load of playlists that I don’t want.

I’ve tried highlighting these to delete as you would a regular playlist in iTunes byt this option isn’t available. I searched the shared folder for *pls files, and I also deleted the iTunes ITL and XML files in case those were causing this, but still no luck.

Any ideas how I can delete these in the MBL folder at all as they’re really messing things up, thanks.

What happens when you try to delete that playlist? Do you get an error message?

If you do get an error message, please post the error so we can research a bit further.

Also, please confirm in what share are the files located.

They may not be PLS playlists; they could be any number of things.

but they’re certainly on your MBL somewhere.   Try searching for the name.