Delete files

I´m a new member in this community and it´s the first time that I use a SSD in my desktop.
I have a WD Green 240GB Sata and I have a question that make me some confusion.
Can I delete files from Recycle Bin in my Windows 10? And how? The same way that I made in a HDD? Or I need to use the WD SSD Dashboard Software to do that?
Thanks for your help.

Sure … no different and the same as a Non SSD HDD.

Just remember that the Recycle Bin is also in your SSD, so you want to fill it up as seldom as possible. For files that you KNOW you don’t ever want to recover, use SHIFT+DELETE to permanently delete them and bypass the Recycle Bin.

Just another question:
And if I want to do a clean installation of Windows? Can I format the disk like I do on HDD?
Thank you

Just start your installation and when the install setup asks you to choose in which partition/disk to install, delete the partitions on the SSD and then select it. No need to format.

Sure …