Delete content on Macbook pro after backup to NAS?

How do I backup to the NAS from Macbook Pro without clogging up my Macbook’s storage? As I drag files to the folder that syncs with NAS, Do I have to keep them there all the time to maintain same content on the NAS? Can I back up and delete content from the macbook without erasing data on the NAS? How do I do this?

Hi esim,

You can uninstall the WD Sync from your Macbook computer. This way, all the previously synced data will be stored in the WD Sync share of the My Cloud device. You can firstly map the WD Sync share on the Mac by referring the link mentioned below and check for the already synced data. Thereafter, you can delete the data from your Macbook computer. without erasing any data from the My Cloud device.