Defective unit?

I’ve had my Live Hub for a little less then a week and have noticed some odd behavior that has me wondering if I got a defective unit. I had the usual problems getting the Live Hub to see my network shares, but reading this forum resolved those issues. What has me wondering is that I have yet to watch an enyire movie from beginning to end without some glitch or another. I have movies on my PC and also some that have been transferred to the Live Hub using the network sync option. Either way, when playing I will get a random moment where either the video starts to choke and stutter and the audio goes out. I usually have to either pause for a few seconds or stop the movie and resume it. it usually happens about 3-5 times during a movie. Tonight I was watching a movie and I noticed that every now and then the video would speed up, as though it was trying to catch back up with the audio, but the audio never stuttered. Then, halfway through a movie, the video froze, the Live Hub would not accept commands from the remote and then it just rebooted itself. I went back to the same video, used the jump to function and resumed from that point on. Still, the issue of the video speeding up still happened another 2-3 times. Are these glitches common? Doesn’t seem to matter if the movie is on the internal hard drive or on my PC. Should I return it for an exchange?

Those all sound like symptoms of a network problem.  

Even if you’re playing a movie from a local HD, if the Hub is trying to do something on the network and is having problems, it can choke like that.

As a test, you could unplug your network connection and try to play from the local HD.   Does it work better?

I know if the media library is compiling during playback that it will cause some playback issues, but that wasn’t the case here. The library wasn’t compiling and network sync only works when the unit is in standby or the screensaver is active. The movie I was watching was on the internal storage, not on the network. And what would cause the hub to spontaneously reboot itself with no interaction from me? When I got the unit it had some media already on it from the initial purchaser who had returned it. That’s why I’m thinking it might be defective. I also noticed a folder named Found that had a file called file000.chk, the kind of file created by scandisk when it finds lost fragments after doing a scan of the HD. Might there be an issue with the drive in the Hub?

There very well may be.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like the previous owner would have had to yank the hard drive out of the chassis! 

To run a Chkdisk, it MUST be connected DIRECTLY to a computer.

You can’t run CHKDISK on a network drive.

So, I would even be suspicious that the drive inside is the original drive!

Went and returned it for a new one. Updating firmware right now.