Defective My passport Ultra - RMA is hardly resolving this issue

I bought a 500GB My Passport Ultra and within a few months it failed. Won’t format etc.
Never in my life have I had a brand new drive just spontaneously fail during a backup.
So now I have to RMA this at my expense and possible pay customs charges when it is returned …

How is this anyway to resolve an obviously defective product?
A short search online , in this forum … or youtube … or google and you can find countless examples of people with the same defective drive issues for the “my passport ultra” of any size it would appear.

Returning this sub-standard drive is a waste of money since I can hardly trust it not fail exactly the same way again.

Very disappointed with WD… I’ve still got dusty old WD 3.5 IDE drives that I’m forced to backup my data with while I’m deciding what to do. They still work and they are over 10 years old.

So my only options are to throw this defective piece of garbage in the landfill, never use WD drives again and get beat for the near 100 bucks to buy this drive originally… or waste my money having a drive that I don’t trust and will be reluctant to use as a backup drive.

Great WD … Well played. I’m assuming most people just choose my first option.

After this, I would not recommend your products to any serious user.


It is unfortunately that you had to experience a faulty drive. I recommend you contact WD Support directly and I assure you they will find a solution to this issue.

Just wasted my time on hold without getting through… I thought you said you were passing my info on.


I have passed this along to support. Someone from support will contact you soon.

Many days later and I have still heard absolutely nothing from ‘support’

Just spoke with support, Thank you WD

The replacement drive arrived today. Thank you WD Support, I am very impressed with your effort to resolve this. Currently doing a backup.


I ma glad to know that your issue has been resolved.