Defective Green Caviar EARS - what can be done?

The unit in cause is a WD10EARS, 1TB capacity, that I did not use for a long time.

last week, my desktop PC would boot up no more. I sent it for repairs, but this takes some time, in the menawhile, I realize that I have no data backup!

I find several older WS drives, IDE or SATA. The largest capacity was this Green Caviar, 1TB - i’ve made myself a Christmas present three years ago!

yesterday, when I received the PC back from repairs, I try to connect the Green Caviar, to use for backup.

But it is DEAD! Not even the BIOS can see it.

What could I do?

Why does a hard driev unit die if not used for over a yerar?

I don’t remember if I had or not some data stored on it, but I was counting in it, and now it is gone.

Any helpful suggestiions, please?


Make sure to try different cables and if possible try with a different motherboard.