Default share Public of mybooklive cannot change permission

First of all I love WD products. I started using My Book World and I love it. Everything was costumizable but the speed is slow now we have gigabit ethernet. That is why i upgraded to My book live. This product is fast and price is very reasonable with rich features like wd photos. The only really bad about this product is that the default share Public. The permission cannot be changed so anybody can just delete ll the files in this. The biggest mistake is that wd photos only works in this share. It does not work if your photos is in another share that you created. It should not be like this, your mom, brother, visitor, friends, cousins or whoever that is browsing your pictures will be able to delete your photos. Espescially wdtv lso the option to delete photos on your this is also a problem. So you will end up creating another share and try to stay away from wd photos because your photos has security issues over samba which by the way this is one of the reasons you liked the product, the “WD Photos”. Is WD taking a serious look at this or are they so blind or In denial that this is not an issue? I own a cafe and I can’t use this NAS in my network because of this. Please consider this is a serious issue. This would have been very great product…

Well I have the photos in the same partition and no one is deleting stuff without my consent.

If you are familiar with SSH you can search the forum for info on how to change the permissions via SSH to the Public Share