Debricked MyBookLive, how to reinstall firmaware

Following a how-to in one of the threads posted sometime 2012 by nfodiz, I managed to debrick my MBL 3Tb. Prior to that exercise I accidentally deleted system files in a partition, however by using GParted, it appears that my personal data files are untouched and safe in the larger partition.

Now when I reassembled my drive back into its enclosure and connected it to my PC, it still does not show itself in my Network directory. I suppose this is because of the deletion of the system files.

I’ve downloaded the firmware – apnc-024310-048-20150507.deb – but don’t know how to install this as I can’t access MBL.

I am not sure I have done things correctly up to this point. I’d appreciate if someone could guide me on this, please. Thanks.

If you don’t have firmware on there, it’s not debricked. You’ll need to follow the entire procedure.

It’s best to get the files off the drive and store them somewhere else before performing the whole process.

Well, can you access the device through using WebUI page? If WebUI is accessible then you can update the firmware from there and reconfigure the device.

Thanks. My problem is how to install the firmware since I cannot access the drive at all even through the webUI. Through Win10, it always tells me to format the drive first, but then it would certainly erase all my important data files.

No, I cannot access it through the web user interface.

Installation of firmware is part of the debrick process. So if you follow the process, you will have firmware installed.

If WINDOWS is telling you to format the drive, then I don’t understand what Debrick process you’re doing, because debricking is done through Linux, not Windows.

I don’t understand. If it is a share folder, how can Windows ask you to format it? Like Tony said, follow on how to reinstall the firmware, I hope from the USB stick, then reconfigure your device. If it is a DAS unit, which the unit connect directly to the PC, then use WD firmware updater to reinstall the firmware on to the device.

Thank you guys for your inputs.