Can’t get to the web interface, files won’t sync or backup. I CAN ssh to the thing, but the “reboot” command does not work. It hangs right here:

mdadm: stopped /dev/md1
mdadm: fail to stop array /dev/md0: Device or resource busy
sysinfod: full update begin...
sysinfod: disk connected: previous=0xffffffff, now=0x3
sh: not found
sysinfod: Disk1(sda) detected.
sysinfod: Disk2(sdb) detected.
sysinfod: inform: all drives status=Healthy.
sysinfod: Creating a new entry for md0.
sys_get_disk_space: open dev, /dev/md1, failed
sysinfod: Unable to update volume info.(Label=Volume_1, UUID=56473e15:86649a39:d8813fa1:6ade4a70)

Is there a way to force reboot from the command line? There IS NO “shutdown” command like some posts suggest.

I think it is #