DCM Numbers Question

I have a WD5000BMVU that has a bad board that I need to replace. If I purchase another drive with DCM numbers that are slightly different and just use the pcb board to replace my bad one, will this work ? Do the DCM numbers pertain to the drive only ?

See if this helps http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839  it may help a bit about the board numbers. The only person with any real understanding of these boards is fzabkar. Check his posts and PM him if you still need help.


DCM code has nothing to do with PCB. You need to match same PCB number, and then move the rom chip from U12 position from original to donor pcb. If your current board does not have a rom chip in U12 position, then your drive has rom image embedded into the controller, and for that you need recovery tools that can reconstruct the rom image from service area (firmware that is on platters).

Thanks for the info. Can you tell me where this chip is located on the board. Is it soldered or can you pull it out of a socket ?  I am assuming that this chip encrypts the data on the drive. Is every chip unique in it’s encryption calculation ? Is that why you have to use the one on your own drive ?

When you unbolt the pcb you will see that all of the components have silkscreened labels. Your chip, is going to be 8 pin next to U12 position. That is drive specific info on it. If your board does not have a chip on U12 position, then look for professional help. Not saying that it is not possible to do yourself, but not everyone has pc3000 or specialized SMT equipment handy. But 8 pinned chip on u12 can be removed with simple rework station.

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