Daylight savings time fix

Does anyone know if this issue will ever be addressed.  Ever since the new DST changes there have been quite a few WD firmware updates and none addressed the new DST patch.  It should be a failry simple thing to implement.

Does anyone know how to manually apply a fix, via telnet or other means?



What new DST change are you talking about?

  none addressed the new DST patch

What new DST patch?

Daylight Savings time no longer follows the standard it used to.  All pC’s got this as a patch as well as many other misc devices.  Since the WD Live TV Hub is always off by an hour and then changes based on the “old dates” to be off by an hour again after I manually change it to not use Daylight Savings time, it appears the new date time to change was never implemented.

For example, Daylight savings time in my region was on Nov 4th, Sunday, in EST (-5 GMT).  I was off by an hour with DST set as enabled on my WD Live Hub, and when I disabled the option to auto adjust DST, it’s the correct time now.  Come the future date when the time is supposed to be changed in a few weeks based on the old (-5 GMT) date this will happen again and I will need to enable the option.  I don’t know what the old Calendar years change dates are to reference them.

You have found the problem. There is no option to auto set the DST, it is simply a toogle. You toogle it on in the spring and toogle it off in the fall. Have you also set up your location correctly as somtimes WD gets it wrong.

Precisely, it needs to be manually toggled.  I just think that a fix like this is so simple to implement from a coding perspective, I am surprised WD’s team that writes and updates the firmware hasn’t implemented it yet.  I wanted to post it here to maybe have this “bug” grab their attention…  It’s really more of an “out of date” feature rather than a bug but whichever way you look at it I think they should look into it and fix it.

yes all my preferences and region is all set correctly.

Automatic DST on device is usually triggered by service provider, for example:
for mobile phones -  telecoms,

for TV -  your cable provider.

But WD Hub does not use any service, and for example DST changes in U.S. are not standardized and each time zone switches at a different time. Also in some other countries. And last year some countries changed time zone for example. So, find your zone and manually correct it :slight_smile:

But it gets the time from the internet…so how come I need to toggle it at all? When the internet changes time so should the hub with no intervention from yours truly.

The “Internet” doesn’t have the local time.  All NTP time sources only report UTC.

“Manually toggled DST”…


Not as good as your watch is it.

You said it…